Construction Management Department


EKONERG Ltd. is the leading Croatian consulting company in energy sector and environmental protection field.

Construction Management Department is a part of EKONERG Company.

The main activities of the department are: technical consulting, quality assurance and quality surveillance and also technical supervising according to the Building Act during the preparation and performing of the construction / reconstruction of power and process plants, gas pipelines, steam pipelines and district heating pipelines systems ...

      Key Words


  • Engineering and Technical Supervision,
  • Quality surveillance,
  • Inspection of welding and NDT,
  • Construction,
  • Quality Assurance,
  • Quality Control,
  • Audit,
  • Consultant Services,
  • Technical Advisory



Investing in supervision and quality is investing in the future and safety.

Let us be the ones to help you with that …

EKONERG Ltd.      Construction Management Dpt.      HR - 10 000 Zagreb      Koranska 5      phone +385 1 6000 111