Construction Management Department



The services we provide mostly apply to:
  • Complete supervising and accounting supervision according to the Building Act;
  • Surveillance of quality control in production / construction / reconstruction of mechanical engineering and electrical / I&C equipment;
  • Inspection of welding and non-destructive testing in production / construction / reconstruction;
  • Quality assurance before and during the production period;
  • Quality assurance activities:
    • internal audit of processes and organizational units,
    • external audit of suppliers quality control systems,
    • quality assessment and control of approved suppliers,
    • inspection, production, approval and surveillance of modifications,
    • quality surveillance and participating in overhaul activities,
  • Consulting services to the client in the means of technical advising in preparing and conducting the building activities (from spotting the problems, detecting the cause to proposing the solution, advising on the selection of contractors, planning and tracking the construction of the object, management of construction, presence and verification of tests, commissioning, final inspection, obtaining of operating permit to handover);
  • Consulting services to the contractors in the means of technical consulting, producing technology and other technical documentation, or leasing of professional staff;
  • Work Safety Coordinator ( I & II ) services (Elaborate Occupational Health, Work Execution Plan, ...);
  • Consulting services of the department in combination with other activities performed by another EKONERG’s departments;
  • Other similar services demanded by the client.


Projects related to our services and activities are mostly:

  • thermal power plants (including nuclear power plants);
  • pipelines (gas pipelines, district heating pipelines, steam pipelines, ...);
  • factories of miscellaneous equipment;
  • other individual equipment and elements of power and process plants and objects.


Our clients are mainly companies from the power sector and sectors related to power which need consulting they cannot do themselves or if they need consulting which surpasses their possibilities, abilities or if they have a need for a larger extent of consulting which needs to be performed in a strictly controlled and limited time framework, i.e. at predefined locations.










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