Construction Management Department



We have knowledge, experience and the will at our disposal necessary for providing complete and independent service within our scope of work.

Employees of our division are mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and safety at work engineers with passed professional exams and also perennial professional experience.

Employees of the Department have the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Chartered mechanical engineer at the Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers ,
  • European welding engineer (EWE),
  • International welding engineer (IWE),
  • International welding inspector (IWI),
  • Certified (competent) person for non-destructive tests (RT2),
  • Nuclear Quality Assurance Lead Auditor according to ANSI/ASME N45.2.23 and NQA-1,
  • Expert with a degree course - Fundamentals of nuclear power plants class,
  • Expert with a degree course - Nuclear Utility Procurement Training,
  • Expert with a degree course - Safety Classification of Components  / Spare parts and Equipment reliability Course,
  • Expert with a degree course - Radiological protection from ionizing radiation class,
  • Lead auditor according to ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
  • Internal auditor according to ISO 9001 – Quality Management System,
  • Internal auditor according to ISO 14001 – Environment Management System,
  • Internal auditor according to ISO 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety and Management System,
  • Authorized person for preparation of fire protection studies,
  • Authorized construction manager, etc.

The certificates of our employees are regularly renewed meaning that we strive to give ourselves a realistic goal concerning the growth and progress in being competent to deliver the services we provide.

Considering our professional and formal qualifications, as well as the years of experience in a number of activities in Croatia and abroad, we are convinced that we are able to satisfy every need you may have in our field of activities.

Also, we are able to deal with every additional specific demand of clients because of our possibility to use databases and knowledge of our parent company EKONERG, as well as the privilege to consult the specialists and employees from other EKONERG’s departments with broad spectrum of knowledge and ability.

More information on our available certificates and diplomas, which are related to your specific needs for our activities, can be accessed on demand.





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